Self Love Uber Alles

Love. Peace. Radiant Vibes. Beauty. Charity. Moving on.

It can take a long time for a soul to be alone where you can find self growth. It may be a wild experience. You’re at a transformative point and things are aligning for you.

Do not pass these opportunities by when you know what you need to do. Growth is your priority in this life, so grow. Do you make yourself small when you’re in relationships. It causes you to deflect onto others, but right now you need to be seen; you need to scream and shout at the top of your lungs what you do and how you can help people.

You are getting what we mean by decisions. You have the clarity now, so are they even choices you have to make or the path you soul must take for you to get where you want to go in this life?

You deserve your dreams. But like the choices you must learn this. It is going to come from only you, no one else. That is why we say to you, you need to connect and love yourself so the room for growth is there and you won’t be distracted.

We feel you know all this and are ready to fulfill your mission. Your journey is going to be so abundant so please just receive this. Love yourself and give your gifts. When you can continue on with the giving you will know.

When you are in alignment, the universe takes care of you and shows you that you are on the right path .

Practice everyday know peace and get used to invoking it. Make that your resting place. Know that it is a  place you can always return. Trust the universe.

Trust the universe and your intuition your vision is yours. You know what you want to see and are open to the curves of life, but stay with it. Your voice is profound and you have a lot to say that people need to hear.

Stop  being afraid of judgement and just embrace who you are unapologetically. You know what to do next and how to put it into alignment with who you are. Time and persistence will get you there.

Get help if you can and talk to people. Tell everyone what you do. Live your life and a way that aligns with the vibration you want people to feel. For that will be your greatest contribution.

As you step into this growth pattern it may be challenging as you shed your old skin coming to your own but you’ll be better off for it. Look to the things you love as sanctuary.

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