Setbacks… more like Setup for Greatness

When I got my first bad review for my reiki business, I’m not gonna lie, I cried. I put so much into helping people and trying to bring them peace. I open my soul to share Reiki with them and I invite them into my home for their session. I love welcoming people into my tribe and love seeing their transformations. I have no doubt that reiki is absolutely one of the reasons I am on this planet. But then to turn around and have someone shit all over my business really sucks. Especially when her beef comes from false expectations and information you disclosed prior to the start of treatment. After I got over the hurt, I became worried her negativity would impact my business and make me look bad. It turns out, it hasn’t and I learned a very valuable lesson- I need to be more selective about who I bring into my tribe.

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Set-backs are great learning experiences and are never great. They can come from a variety of issues like people being mean, fights, bad reviews, money, promotions. The feeling of disappointment and sense of wonder can eat you alive. I don’t have it down to a science and can still be quite reactionary, but here is how I try to look at it.

You only have control over your reactions. You have no control over the situation. Thus it is better to meter your reaction and keep your cool, it’ll be easier to cope in the long run.


I like to ask myself:

  • What can you learn from this?
  • What parts of yourself is this reflecting?
  • What course of actions led you here?
  • What do you need to accept this and move on?

Own your own shit before you play the blame game. It is only after this should you then look at what another person brought to the table. Try to be empathetic. Was this a problem within themselves or were they trying to be malicious?


Sit with it for as long as you need.


What is the first step you will take to make this a blip in the past and not redefine your story?

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