Setting your 2019 Intentions: Manifest your Dreams

Intention setting has a stronger pull to change than a mere list of goals. I think this is because they focus on our habits and force us to change these habits at a fundamental level. This mindfulness they trigger is great and can really yield results for us.

Furthermore, I don’t see people going HAM with intention setting, like many of us do with goals. Lists on lists. Am I right?

Want to set a rad intention or tow to rock 2019? Or establish a word of the year to weave into your daily life (mine is harmony)?

To set your intention(s) for 2019 SHOW UP.

Don’t rush the creative process. If you need to make it a date. Pick a time and place you are going to show up to meet your intentions for 2019. You get what you give. Respect your time and respect the intentions you are setting for yourself.

Intention Setting
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Take a deep breath. Ground in. Be cool.

Before we look ahead, let’s look back on 2018. Most of us have a ton to review because this year has been a year, energetically and emotionally.

Do your own review. Or here are some questions to help guide you through a review.


  • Who has impacted you the most in 2018? Why? List a couple people.
  • Who has stayed on your radar in 2018? What is their significance to you?


  • Where did you go in 2018? How did this trip impact you?


  • What are you most proud of doing in 2018? Was it a lesson learned? Did you start something? Get something completed?
  • What was your most memorable moment of 2018?

Don’t worry. Take your time here. It’s important to know where you’re coming from to direct your course forward. Get your pen and paper out and start thinking!

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Now let’s look ahead.

Clear your mind, take a deep few breaths and picture what your ideal day in 2019 looks like.

  • What habits do you need to create to get there?
  • What memorable moments will you have created?
  • Who is in your soul tribe?
  • What will have made you most proud?
  • What are you celebrating?

List out these ideas and things that correspond to where you want to be. List the projects you want to accomplish.

Choose your top 3 from each list.

Not more. Not less. These three will become your focus. In other words, they take priority above all else. Make it easy and everything that isn’t on the top 3 is in the Distraction Zone. Put on your blinders and dig into what will really serve you.

Work Backwards

You have your priorities. This is what you want your life to look like.

  • Make sure this vision is clear, down to the most basic details.
  • Write this out. Word vomit. List. whatever suits you.
  • What within here could act as goal markers?
    • Dive deeper→ how are you going to get from each goal marker?
    • What daily habits will set you up to make your benchmarks?

If you want to up the ante write down some loose dates for when you would like to have accomplished the benchmark. Put these dates in your calendar to remind you to think about them.

Set reminders for monthly and quarterly check-ins.


If you find it hard to start these may not be for your soul’s highest purpose and it may be time to reevaluate.

Go further.

Make a plan or schedule out what that dream day looks like. That can make this seem more real and act as inspiration.

Enjoy and be free!

What are your intentions for 2019?

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