Soul Alchemy

What’s this Soul Alchemy?

Guys! I am so excited to be offering up some Soul Alchemy! It is my newest practice in 9th House Light, but it is definitely my favorite! The sessions are SO rewarding. For me and the client! You may have seen me reppin’ my Soul Alchemy offering on social media and been like that’s cool, but what the what?

So, I wanted to bring some context to those who are curious.

Light in Hands

So what is it, first off?

Soul Alchemy is essentially coaching meets spirituial healing, I use modalities like reiki, meditation, cord cutting, affirmations, and angelic healing to make this possible. The goal of the session is to clear out the negative energetic cords that are holding you back in life. This is done through rituals and intention setting, followed with a cord cutting and angelic healing ceremony. It can be done one off, but because cords can be tricky, multiple sessions are ideal so you can work through your shit so to speak.

Where did it come from?

Angelic healing has taught me so much about my intuition and spiritual gifts and has helped me heal at a deep level. It’s a daily practice for me so I wanted to make this amazing healing art accessible to others. I think everyone can benefit from releasing cords and angelic healing because of the strong impact but packaged as a guided session, it is convenient.

I have designed the sessions to hold space for the clien, so they can do their deep inner work and guide them through the process without having to learn new skills or spend a lot of time until they find out they don’t have a strong conenction to source, which everyone does but its just a matter of how you connect wit it or for those who don’t want to learn to connect to source.

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