My practice is informed by principles from yoga, energetics, tarot, meditation, & breathwork. I will work with you to help you find YOUR unique path and guide you in crafting your own practice.

What can you expect to take away from this mentorship, you ask? 

  • Awakening who you are at a soul level.
  • Sacred self-care and practical tools to create balance and clarity.
  • Learn to listen to your soul in order to make informed decisions in line with your purpose.
  • Feel empowered as you gain confidence and align with your purpose.
  • Weave your practice into your daily life.
  • Learn tools to carry with you for your own exploration.

The mentorship includes: 

  • 1 – intuitive reading or reiki healing per month
    • it is your choice, and can change every month to best meet your needs! If you want both, email me for additional pricing information
  • 1 – 50 min session to teach/guide/craft – this is your time where you have my one on one attention to talk about WHATEVER you want. 
  • EVERY Thursday I am all yours! Any small questions, guidance, or recommendations you may need, we can hash out here. 
  • If you choose, you will have access to a group chat with other people on their own journey that you can turn to for ideas and support. 

There is a 3-month minimum.

Book me into those vibes!