soulcations: travel for your soul

Soulcations: travel for your soul are my favorite vacation places to come back to your soul, ground down, and connect with the energy of the universe.

Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt – Raw Peace

Dahab means gold in Arabic. This beautiful, peaceful Bedouin fishing village is no less precious. It is so raw and humble, wild and beautiful you can’t help but feel the good vibes and connect with the universe.

On top of this is Bedouin hospitality and way of life, which are notorious. It is obvious why after experiencing it. It is so easy to feel you are exactly where you need to be you will naturally slow down and enjoy the beauty of the mountains that meet the gorgeous red sea. You will leave this gem feeling like your soul got a fresh clean and airing out. It is absolutely the greatest vibe.

Iceland- Cleansing Adventure

Honestly, you’ve seen the photos, possibly even been, Iceland is undeniably beautiful. It is magic. It looks like magic. The people believe in magic. Magic just envelopes the country. The power of the volcanoes and buddling mud contrasted against the ice and snow. It is so clean and the nature so apparent, it is impossible to not connect with the beauty and power that is in front of you. The purity and magic of it all will redefine your definition of beauty and maybe even help you rethink our environmental policies so we don’t lose this beauty.

Tulum, Mexico- Magical Adventure

Easy vibes. Not overpopulated and touristy yet (though it’s getting there). The jungle runs up to the white beaches and turquoise sea. Or you can descend the layers of the earth and swim in ancient limestone sinkholes called Cenotes. The Mayans believe the mineral packed water in the Cenotes have healing properties. What more could you want in a place to reflect and relax? The wild beauty is palpable and will undoubtedly touch your soul.

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