Soul(full) Routine: Self-care for a busy life

We are all super busy! I get it! But maybe you’ve had that itch to add something more to your life. Give yourself some space that lets your soul sing and dance. In other words

How do you develop a spiritual practice when you think you have no time?

Here is a list of 5 quick things you can throw into your daily routine. You won’t have to plan ahead much or block out time for these super easy self-care hacks. So get on it.

  • Practice Gratitude

This is super easy to weave in throughout the day. When you are walking somewhere or waiting in line or driving to work, take a moment to refocus your attention on the good in your life. Acknowledge its beauty and send your thanks to your higher power.

  • Spiritual Reading/ Listening

If you’re a reader pick up a spiritual book of your choosing, be it the yoga sutras, Bible, Koran, or a book about angels and expand your knowledge on the subject of your choosing. Your heart may just feel a little more full at the end of the day.

If reading’s not your jam then find a podcast or audiobook you vibe with and fill that soul up.

  • Move or get outside

Seriously! We are so stagnant sitting at our desk in the most unnatural ways making our bodies stick and get stiff. Go take short walks throughout your day. Bonus points if you can get outside and get some vitamin D! I get it, if you live in a place where half the year is a tundra (I do!) this can be hard, so be ok with moving around and staying indoors.

  • Breathe.

Take a minute or two a  few times throughout your days to just drop in and connect with your breath.

Here are some Pranayama techniques you can try:

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Take your index and middle finger and curl them down. Place your thumb lightly on the outside of one nostril and your ring finger lightly on the other. Close your right nostril and inhale slowly through your left. Then close the left and open and exhale through the right. Finally, inhale through the right, close it, and open and exhale through the left. Repeat 3-5 times.

Breath Retention

Breath in for 5. Hold for 4. Breath out for 6. Repeat.

  • Light some palo santo.

Or sage. Candle. Incense. Something that evokes a sense of peace or ease. Be it while you read a book, get ready for the day, or are unwinding for the day. Smell is a powerful memory trigger for our moods, so when you need that extra oomph! Light something up and lean into those feels.

What do you do to keep up with your spirituality routine when you’re busy busy?

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