The Power of Authenticity

Do you know when you are not being true to yourself? In those moments stop yourself, no matter how inopportune, and recalibrate. Stand in your authenticity. You must speak your truth always. It is not fair-weather. It is ride and die. 

Those that need to find you will only do so by you living in your truth. What is standing in your way of you sharing what you know? You fear the judgment you’ve experienced in this life and those past. You were persecuted for your beliefs at many points throughout your soul’s experience. This appears because in this life you must conquer these held memories to fully come into your truth. It might be hard, no doubt, but you have your team as well as aeons of experience to transmute this. 

Stand up and get ready to speak regardless of their reaction. This will take practice as you will have to evaluate your thoughts and feelings as you experience them to look for the things that are triggering you. 

What specifically is causing you to fear standing in your truth? Bringing awareness to this allows you to sit with it, understand it, allow it, and then release it. You are under no obligation to hold on to the fear. But something so intrinsically woven into your memories will take some time to work through. It can’t just be released from you, no it must be unwoven from lifetimes of memories.

You will need courage to face these hard feelings and to work through them. You’ll be facing the darkest parts of yourself as you charge forward on your mission. Get to know these parts, for they will provide you the strength to conquer the next scary parts of yourself. There is no single point or final goal we are trying to achieve. This is an ongoing journey. Something that will require your thought and effort nearly every day. 

Your truth will always be challenged. This has been true for millennia and will remain true. As people wake up they become more conscious. But even within these different levels of consciousness on earth, there is room for doubt in judgment. Just as love and harmony are traits we strive for, so too will be standing in our truth. 

When you start operating from a place of authenticity, you’ll recognize the flow and ease with which life comes. You will see the response -will be loved or hated, no more middle ground. Those who are ready for your truth, and are not hurt by hearing it, will love what you have to say. Only those that hate you will not be ready to hear what you have and out of fear will react to you as a person negatively. 

You will find parts of yourself that scare you but you want to keep head in the sand. Don’t. Look them in the eye. Give him a hug and add them to the list of amazing gifts you have. By responding to parts you hate with love, you’re teaching your body to find the positive energy in everything, which will help elevate these parts. Good and bad, you will know yourself and can stand in your power of total authenticity and this will be unshakable.

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