What is farro? And some ways to use it!


The low down:

Farro originates from the fertile crescent but is now grown throughout the Mediterranean. It cooks like rice- two cups water to one cup farro. It has more nutrients than quinoa. And is exotic like couscous.

Despite its ancient origins, it has recently become a very popular food. It is filling, easy to cook, and very high in nutrients. How high? See for yourself.


What more do you want in a side dish?

Below are some delicious ways to use it!

  1. Mediterranean farro salad with spiced chickpeas. Get the recipe from budgetbytes.comMediterranean-Farro-Salad-with-Spiced-Chickpeas-V

  2. Black Bean Farro Burger. Get the recipe from thewholeserving.com

    Blackbean-Farro-Burger1PC: thewholeserving.com

  3. Farro tabbouleh with burrata and hummus. Get the recipe from thehalfbakedharvest.com.


  4. Fresh cranberry apple farro salad. Get the recipe at somethewiser.com.


  5. Cilantro lime Farro. Get the recipe at givemesomeoven.com.


  6. Tumeric, Lentil, & Farro Soup from lifeisbutadish.com.


  7. Mediterranean Kale, Cannellini, and Farro stew from cookingclassy.com.


Let me know if you have any great farro recipes that aren’t here!

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