What is REIKI?

Einstein theorised in his equation E=MC^2 that everything is energy.


Your body. Your soul. The trees. Your dog.

Because we are inherently matter with energy we can expend and receive this energy. It exists in us and all around us.

Reiki (pronounced: ray-key) allows you to tap into this life-giving essence and heal through your own energy. Reiki means universal life force energy. It is an energy that exists in and around all of us. And we all have the ability to interact with it.

Reiki is a holistic, natural energy that stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and at times physical level through balancing energy and releasing blocks. 

During a session the practitioner channels this delicious, loving energy through their hands and directs the energy toward your to help balance and replenish your subtle body. Reiki promotes harmony and relief from stress, fatigue and other stagnant blocks.