What is success?

The dictionary defines success as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”

But is success static or constantly evolving? Is it cheating to change your definition of success as your path becomes more clear?

I can’t function without goals and I consider myself to be successful even if I haven’t hit all my goals I’ve set for myself, that’s because I start the journey of pursuing a new goal that I then start to learn about myself and my goals naturally shift to accommodate this new information.

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Because I don’t see the goal to fruition, does it make it unsuccessful? The original goal got me to where I was when I had the clarity, but I didn’t technically complete the original one, is there success?

I say yes. It brought me further down my path and taught me something about myself which is just, if not more important than the goal I would have achieved.

I think success should be measured on a scale of happiness, as opposed to a numerical tally of goals met, pounds lost, or money made. Does any of this matter in the end if you don’t feel fulfilled or happy? Or if you didn’t learn any lessons along the way.

No, because you are still out of alignment and this misalignment will continue until you wake tf up.

Because success is honoring your alignment. Flow with the universe.

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Think about your relationship with success.

Is it healthy? Positive?

How can you reframe it if it’s not healthy?

What shall your new definition or metric be?

Trust the flow and know that you are wildly successful, don’t compare yourself using the metric of the world. Create your own and have space to flourish!

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