Why dogs are legit the best

I mean if you need a reason beyond merely having the greatest companion of all time, then here it is. If you’ve been on the fence and looking for a sign, here it is.


Disclaimer: I am an obsessed dog mom, so this article may have a bit of a bias with it.

  1. Little/ medium/ big balls of love.

Dogs as beings exude endless love. No matter what, a dog’s love is incomparable. 

  1. They make you move.

You have to walk them, play with them, and you’ll likely want to take them on adventures. Sice getting a dog as an adult, I’ve been out and moving about 90% more. And if you don’t want to, think again cause homeboy or homegirl will annoy you till you pick up the lead and get a movin.

  1. They make you smile.

On walks the turn to look back to make sure you are still there. They give kisses and cuddles. They do ridiculous things to make you laugh. They turn into stage-5 clingers. Trip over themselves. How could you not smile every time they show you their unconditional love.

  1. They teach you patience and discipline.

Have you ever tried to train a dog? Shit is hard work and takes mad diligence. You also have to be always on watch to correct the behaviors you don’t want. Some (ahem Arlo) are super autonomous and make it especially difficult. 


There are so many other wonderful reasons to get a dog! And so many wonderful dogs that need a home. #adoptdontshop Share your reasons below!

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